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New Web

Updating the website


New look, new stuff, working on the levitating man! New pics, including these ones:


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Hello kids,

We’ve updated the Coosticks Website. It’s all spangly and new.

Listen to and even own some original Coosticks music, check out the photo galleries and the Live Notice posters, watch a sprightly collection of live performances, stare in slight disbelief at the vaguely impossible Levitating Man, check out our live dates and come see us play (see Live Notices below, next one’s tonight at The Nelson Tavern in Mudeford from 8pm), grab yourself some free wallpapers for your desktops and lose yourself in the varied images on offer every time you turn your computer on.

We hope you like it.


G @ Coosticks HQ

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The interweb and the photos that got away

One thing I really love about updating or designing a website is spending 7 hours messing about with a photo which is about 30 pixels wide and not getting it to work…AT ALL!

Got round that today though.

I estimate that I may finish the updated website today.



I was never very good at estimating. Let’s say that I’ll finish it as soon as I can and let you know, how’s that?

Also, I have been sent some photos by my friend. He sent them to me about 4 times in different ways on different occasions. Some of them are really great and I wanted to share them with you but they are currently hiding so I’ll let you know when I find them too.

Until then, everyone around me seems loved up and it’s wonderful. Happy Spring!

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New Year’s Revolution

My friend said today that the only constant is change and he’s right.

I have lots of change coming up. The website is changing (slowly).

The amount of time I can spend on music is changing (for the better).

The night is changing (into morning) and I have to go to bed.

I’ll keep you posted though.

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New Song, Website Update

We’ve put another song from the new album up for you to hear, this one is called Songs Of Our Fathers:


And we’re also in the process of updating the Coosticks website. There’s new stuff to see, the D-Songs section is being worked on at the moment but will soon have a new blog dedicated to the making of the album and there will be ‘bits and ‘bobs’ to see as well. So go and have a look:


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Keep Going…

Paused in the middle of mixing the recent recordings as I suddenly had a feeling for how I wanted the website to update and had an urge to get it done. Not finished by any means yet but seriously coming along, and looking, if I do say so myself, rather spiffing! Have a look:


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January Down

We did a gig, we recorded some stuff (on the same day), I changed my head, I sent out some feelers, I updated our website (finally), and it feels like the wheels, whilst not necessarily rolling, are creaking slightly, the rust minutely cracking, cobwebs snapping. I’ve been writing down, for each night that I’m free, what I’m going to attempt to achieve in that particular evening. I had planned to get the recordings, go home, listen intently, even start organising them. What actually happened was I went to get the recordings and ended up chatting and playing Wii tennis, golf and bowling until the Witching Hour with my friends and laughing a lot! Not that I’m complaining, it was great fun, which sometimes I don’t make time for.

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