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Where in the dickens have you been?

So I’m aware that I haven’t been on here of late. Searched for a guitarist (still doing so) with not a huge amount of luck so far. But also have been fairly vigorously attacking a set of songs which include that E song I mentioned a time back. Let’s call the song I was on tonight ‘The Flower Song’. You’ll know it when you hear it.

I’ve had a few recording setups in my time. My current one surpasses the previous in numerous ways. There were a few plug-ins on the old one I still miss (echo and delay) but apart from them, I’m pretty impressed with the ‘studio’ at the moment. I have a new wardrobe which isn’t doing too badly as a vocal booth and my headphones are (just) long enough to reach it.

One of the fantastic things one can do on this software is set a certain length of any song to play repeatedly. I did this tonight with ‘The Flower Song’ and then recorded perhaps nine takes of the main vocals one after the other. It’s great because I’m seldom happy with the first take and the more you sing repeatedly, the more you get into the vibe and swing of the thing, remember where to breathe (or not) and when to anticipate a heady bit of falsetto (there’s quite a lot of that on this one). I’m kind of surprised that this is the first time I’ve used this repeat record thing. What it then does is store all the takes and visually puts them one after the other, oldest at the top, newest at the bottom. I’m a bit picky about vocals and I’d love to say I chose one whole take to use in order to make me feel like some virtuoso but unfortunately this was not the case. Instead I cherry-picked from all the takes because I was determined to get the very best vocals on this track. The singing really is key on this track and anything that makes me even slightly unsure is going to have to be edited or resung. On first listen though, it seemed to be all there – present, correct, pleasant. While I was singing, on perhaps the third take, I squinted my eyes and started to become somewhat light-headed. I think it was singing take after take that did it, but it also helped me get into a certain state of mind, perhaps you could describe it as trippy. I was on a little journey beyond being totally in the room and into a world without really any sight but the sensation that I wasn’t quite balanced on my feet (I remember swaying slightly) and I felt my voice getting more intimate as I went on, sounding more like I meant it each time. I paused during one to drink the cup of tea that I realised I had abandoned and it broke the spell, I could feel my throat was less willing to get the notes and I had to go through several more takes in order to get that slightly disorientating feeling back. When I finally stopped to listen to what had been recorded, I opened my eyes, sat down and it felt almost like waking up in the morning – my eyes needed to adjust, the dizziness subside – it was an unusual and, I have to say, rather lovely feeling. Who needs drugs, eh?

And I came to a conclusion. When I put my mind to it, I’m a damn fine singer. And a damn fine songwriter too. And to celebrate, I watched The Thomas Crown Affair. As you do.

So where the Coo are currently at is hoping a guitarist comes along or says yes soon, hoping also to finish this collection of songs by January and then hitting the live trail again in order to actually communicate all this with people.

Stay tuned…


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