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One Two Three Four Five

As Andy Partridge once sang, my senses are working overtime. Yesterday, especially, was a most melancholy day and yet the beauty and smell of the new season was overwhelming. So here are some pictures of the blossom for you. Happy Spring everybody!


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Month, hour, weather, mood

She smiled at you is bright Spring sunlight at 1015

The end of a way of life is freezing February sunrise mist

You’re meeting her for a drink is any of the 12 nights of Christmas

A few hours into work is the blanket of uncontrollable 3pm winter gruel that they call stormy

The argument is the lightning sparkling across the water at 10pm November

Loneliness is the first bite of autumn before the sunset starts

Musical bliss is the beat of sunlight on an unforgiving July afternoon

Love is the second summer of September, about 230pm

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The interweb and the photos that got away

One thing I really love about updating or designing a website is spending 7 hours messing about with a photo which is about 30 pixels wide and not getting it to work…AT ALL!

Got round that today though.

I estimate that I may finish the updated website today.



I was never very good at estimating. Let’s say that I’ll finish it as soon as I can and let you know, how’s that?

Also, I have been sent some photos by my friend. He sent them to me about 4 times in different ways on different occasions. Some of them are really great and I wanted to share them with you but they are currently hiding so I’ll let you know when I find them too.

Until then, everyone around me seems loved up and it’s wonderful. Happy Spring!

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We here at Coo HQ are entering a new phase, a bit like the caterpillar/butterfly or Spring to Summer. There’s definitely a seasonal edge to recent posts. It’s exciting, a time where you have to stand in the open, on your own, unafraid, and shout what you believe in the faces of all the strangers, unbelievers, shadows. It’s a good thing to do, clears the paths. I think Christopher Eccleston, when interviewed during his time as the good Doc, extolled the virtues of facing your fears. There’s no fear in front of us at the moment, more anticipation. But I know the fear moments, I’ve been there, regularly. I’m ready for the next ones whenever they come.

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Its the end, but the moment has been prepared for…

Started making some noise again last night for the first time since our gig/recording day in January and it felt… wonderful.

I have been writing the odd, rather promising song, doing a lot of illustrating, and the day job, so I have been busy, not just sitting round.

But doing music again felt different, felt like I was recharging my batteries just to be listening to stuff and manipulating it again.

All I actually did was swear loudly at a Firewire cable for about half an hour until I got it to work, then trawl through the sound files from January’s recording session. I was impressed by how much we actually recorded on that day. Down side to that was working out which take was right/good/useable. But I’m back in there, estimate there might be something for everyone to hear by May sometime.

Wow: music, the Spring weather – love and flowers and sunshine to all the Coo Kids out there! 🙂

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Falling through the week

I was reading a bit more of my favourite novel last night. There was something in there about people being closed to each other at the start of a working week. The days are distinct. Monday is legendary. I don’t get the same Monday morning feeling I used to. I can remember I used to feel a terrible dread on a Sunday night, now I just get frustrated that it’s time when I can’t do my own thing. Tuesday, I read somewhere, is the most productive day of the week. Not sure it’s my most productive. The way I feel today, Wednesday is! Wednesday is a rambling, interchangeable chameleon of a day, obviously a gateway for people who are willing the weekend to arrive. Maybe people should make more of Wednesdays, they feel like a first call for going out. Thursday a rehearsal for Friday where you can finally see the festivities start to break out and Friday, I’m in love. I visualised this as falling through a tunnel where the opening is claustrophobically narrow and the other end is fantastically wide, and probably painted in psychedelic colours!

Yesterday I was overcome with a fabulous feeling of Spring. Although it’s grey and very wet out there today I can still feel the after image of yesterday. Nice.

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It’s the time of the season when the love runs high

I saw a young couple together the other day laughing and holding hands and it was like a signal to the spring. Everyone is affected by the seasons. This is obvious. In this country the seasons seem to have a defined effect on everyone. I don’t get S.A.D. as far as I know, maybe I just have had it constantly since birth 🙂 but I feel the seasons and I’m interested in how it affects my songwriting. I think I feel a kind of rebirth come March April each year and it definitely makes me want to write more. Maybe its obvious, the more sun, the lighter the evenings, the more energy you have, the more you feel alive. I shall look into it and let you know!

Anyway, bring it on, the spring that is. Although I’m enjoying the February rain today.

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