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We are a new band, we are two bands

We are a new band, we are two bands. We make melodic, guitar led pop and electro synth pop. It’s all new and it’s all old and it’s just music so we’re not saving the planet until that moment you come up with something that zings and then the song and yourself are the planet with everything revolving around you.

Not enough sleep, money, achievement, lear jets.

The Twang, Brand New, Kenna, Orbital.

The Bees are an Isle Of Wight band…like us! Except when we don’t play on the Isle Of Wight – wait, we’ve never played on the Isle Of Wight…

…ok, we’re a south west band.

This post makes less sense than when it was in my heaD…and it was pretty tenuous then.

yhen – a new word meaning, ‘very tired of the groundhog feeling.’


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