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We’re captive on the carousel of time

There are little milestones you set yourself. One of them, for me, was to play on my home turf and I did so on Thursday. As always, you can’t really predict what’s going to happen. I think my songs bewildered part of the merry audience but they were definitely on board for Queen.

But again, it’s the people that make the difference. Host Steve was great, friendly and quite eclectic with his enjoyable mix of covers (he was doing Black Hole Sun when I arrived); Jerry Cahill created a ravishing fingerpicking wash that put us all to shame; a guy who was, shall we say, effervescently dressed sang A Thing Called Love acapella in a Barry White scale (which I rather enjoyed) and then I got talking to Nick and Amanda, who basically made my night by being warm, friendly, funny and keen to share collective experiences so we spent the rest of the evening nattering together. Thanks guys.

I also managed to get to the Acoustic Originals evening at the Quay Arts Centre last Monday and thoroughly enjoyed all the acts, especially Paul Armfield. His songs enthralled me as did Sean Goodfield’s guitar playing throughout Doug Alldred’s set. There was a lovely atmosphere there and I have to give a special mention to Louise Jordan’s dress which was more amazing than her voice (and her voice was pretty fine!)

Some musical links below.

And finally, I’ve started getting musical myself again. Feels like spring. Finished recording a new track yesterday, going to be recording/mixing with my friend again soon and going to remix a track during my upcoming holiday. See what the sun coming out does to you! 🙂

Jerry Cahill

Paul Armfield

Louise Jordan


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