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Wouldn’t it be good…

On Monday the 12th of November I played Camden and it was delightful. Had a very good time with John and Tim, silly, fun, fab. Uncharacteristically, I messed up a good half a dozen chords this Monday during Life On Mars? but did the first song perfectly. Not impressed. Won’t happen again!


Camden Bar, 12th November 2012

Without Words

Hello Sensitive

Life On Mars?

Camden Bar, 19th November 2012

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Without Words

Life On Mars?


I feel incredibly conscious of the fact that I haven’t got any music to get out there. There are a number of constraints of which I can do nothing. Time is getting eaten like an apple. I can’t pay for studio time – I simply can’t afford it. My energy levels are non-existent. But on the plus side, new songs are coming thick and fast. I did record one which I was pleased with, may put it up soon.

I also have an idea for another project but it would have to rely on the goodwill of a studio to give us their time in return for the biggest shout out I could possibly give for their services to be used by everyone. Anyone know of anyone who is desperate to lend a studio for the good of the ears of the people? Let me know.

And finally, I have new music coming, I conservatively estimate it may be shiny, new, finished and listenable by January but I’ll keep you posted.
Whoops, and finally finally, I have at last found a favourite film of the year, and so have my friends I saw it with: Ruby Sparks!



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