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Go back to sleep and dream….

I’ve been having daily siestas and it’s really working for me. I’ve always been someone who needs to sleep a lot, never seem to get enough at night and always feel I should be doing rather than sleeping. I don’t need to sleep all day, just for 15-20 minutes and although I wake feeling drunk, it’s doing me good – I like it!

Coosticks are fractured at the moment. We have no band, although plans are being formed to get one going again once the music I’m currently working on is mixed. And the current music I’m working on was formed in January when we recorded with Arthur. Currently has potential. And now I’m going to eat currants.

I remixed a song by a very well-known band recently. I will put it up somewhere for everyone to listen to soon until I get my ass sued!! 🙂

And will also ‘remix’ the new photos as well so everyone can see them too!


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…all the single ladies…

This one song at a time thing is paying off. 5 songs in the bag, although in various states of mix, volume, etc. Also a remix of one of my favourite band’s songs sounding cool. The E song is one of the finished ones, choir worked, needs more treble.

And the single ladies? Mmmm….

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