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New Web

Updating the website


New look, new stuff, working on the levitating man! New pics, including these ones:


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730 Pylons

“No matter how much you change, you still have to pay the price for the things you’ve done” – The Town

At 7.30 this morning, I was photographing these, suffering for my art because once I got back to my car I couldn’t feel my fingers or my toes.


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The interweb and the photos that got away

One thing I really love about updating or designing a website is spending 7 hours messing about with a photo which is about 30 pixels wide and not getting it to work…AT ALL!

Got round that today though.

I estimate that I may finish the updated website today.



I was never very good at estimating. Let’s say that I’ll finish it as soon as I can and let you know, how’s that?

Also, I have been sent some photos by my friend. He sent them to me about 4 times in different ways on different occasions. Some of them are really great and I wanted to share them with you but they are currently hiding so I’ll let you know when I find them too.

Until then, everyone around me seems loved up and it’s wonderful. Happy Spring!

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Some days you’re up… #2

Photos. From the Camden gig. Video to follow very soon!

The Camden Coosticks Clan!

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Go back to sleep and dream….

I’ve been having daily siestas and it’s really working for me. I’ve always been someone who needs to sleep a lot, never seem to get enough at night and always feel I should be doing rather than sleeping. I don’t need to sleep all day, just for 15-20 minutes and although I wake feeling drunk, it’s doing me good – I like it!

Coosticks are fractured at the moment. We have no band, although plans are being formed to get one going again once the music I’m currently working on is mixed. And the current music I’m working on was formed in January when we recorded with Arthur. Currently has potential. And now I’m going to eat currants.

I remixed a song by a very well-known band recently. I will put it up somewhere for everyone to listen to soon until I get my ass sued!! 🙂

And will also ‘remix’ the new photos as well so everyone can see them too!

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Music and all the things in between

More music yesterday, but not a lot as I had been making merry on Saturday night which took my energy levels right down and lots of backing up to do. That’s good in a way though because I just added some shape to the Nowhere Girls drums and then left it and it felt like I had space to think after and not like I was trying to cram a million things in to a 3 hour slot. Maybe it’s the way forward!

Groovy new photos Saturday morning (and lots of fun) with semi-regular Coosticks photographer Wendy. Will put them up on the site soon.

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