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Weapon Of Love #4

There’s something really satisfying about getting to the point where you do the artwork for new music. Icing on the cake and all that malarkey. Just takes so long to get everything finished. But the music will be up very soon. Honest!

In the meantime, here’s some cute kittens:


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Girl In My Wardrobe 2

This weekend, a girl sang into my wardrobe for me, among other things. She’s spoken for me before, but this time she felt happy to sing and it was rather beautiful. What she sang will appear, in one form or another, on the new album. Here she is, singing into my wardrobe:

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Stuff, stuff, stuff and stuff

Lots of stuff:


The album is here and free if you want it to be (just tell your friends about us, please) – you get the album artwork also if you download it. If anyone has downloaded the album and didn’t get the artwork, just email us and we’ll get it to you toot sweet: http://coosticks.bandcamp.com/album/d-songs

More D-Songs stuff here: http://coosticks.com/dsongs.html

On Royal Wedding Day, after the big event, after drinking far too many fruity pops, after chat of various kinds and street partying, we had a barbecue at our place. I eventually played a few songs to my slightly merry audience and you can see a couple of them and hear the heckling, sorry audience participation, because the lovely John Clark videoed me doing them: http://www.youtube.com/coostickshq#p/a/u/1/sSaP4jAmFKM


And finally, the Amazing Mr Trimbly drew my attention to this picture, very well drawn and showing that he’s much better connected than I am:

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New Song, Website Update

We’ve put another song from the new album up for you to hear, this one is called Songs Of Our Fathers:


And we’re also in the process of updating the Coosticks website. There’s new stuff to see, the D-Songs section is being worked on at the moment but will soon have a new blog dedicated to the making of the album and there will be ‘bits and ‘bobs’ to see as well. So go and have a look:


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Blossom – New Song!!!

OK, Coo-Kids, here’s a new song for you to hear. It’s unlike the rest of the album but since it’s Spring and the blossom is actually out, I thought it was worth getting it out there.

Hope you like it. Let us know:


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Well, I’m listening to The Cure and have realised that I could probably listen to a Cure song every day for the rest of what is hopefully a long life. Ok, so I might have to listen to certain songs for two days in a row, like Lullaby (the Disintegration version, NOT the Greatest Hits version), or Harold And Joe, or The Caterpillar, or The Exploding Boy, or Push, or Inbetween Days, or Just Like Heaven, or I Don’t Know What’s Going On, or… I think you get the idea. I love them. If I met them I might hate them – I doubt it – but I love them for giving me such pleasure (baby!)

I met up with my best friend today. It was sunny, crisply cold, we had a lovely time and I took a photo of a flower which I may post sometime because it’s pretty.

I’ve finished D-Songs, but then you knew that, and there’s lots of ‘stuff’ to come soon for you to look at, read, listen to, etc. so please PLEASE stay tuned.

I’ve been thinking about a girl I know and I want her bad! I want her body, I want her soul, her sense of wonder, I want her standing in front of me so that she makes me laugh with a really clever or silly observation and I’m starting a song called ‘I Want You Bad’, inspired by wanting her bad, which I shall put somewhere for you to hear because it’s kind of got the potential to be rather sweet.

I’m about to eat two egg custard tarts…mmmmm…nom nom nom!

And Ben Gibbard, lead singer of Death Cab For Cutie, is running a marathon for charity. And although it’s rather last minute of me, here’s a link:


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D-Songs Update (note to self: must find alternative heading)

I [takes deep breath and wonders if he may have to go back on what he’s about to say in a later post] have finished recording D-Songs. Well, I’ve finished all except the penultimate song. I believe I’ve finished recording that one, but I may listen to it in 3 days from now and decide it needs a tuba on it (hmmm, wonder where I’ll get a tuba from, can’t be that hard to play though, surely?) So, right here and right now, I am fairly sure I have finished recording. Which is good. 🙂 When you have a free weekend day it’s really great to get just a little bit more done than you would in a weekday evening. I have cultivated a method of working on music in a full day which I shall go into detail about later when I publish the official D-Songs blogs, but for now I should tell you that I used that method to full effect today which is to be extremely laid back, almost lazy, and punctuate that Sunday-cat-sleepy-in-the-sunshine approach with short but frequent bursts of manic creativity – always seem to get more done that way.

So, shall keep you informed (soon I hope) about progress.

Take it easy Coo-Kids!


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