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Juxtaposition and the endless…

Blue Nile again. In Saturday Night, they seem to sing, “a quarter to five when the storefronts are closed in paradise”. I love the juxtaposition of the time, the shops and paradise – it grabs my attention every time the song gets to that point. Words are so powerful sometimes.

One thing that we commented on several times during our recording stint the other week, was how the possibilities just go on and on. You add one note, one voice singing a word, one pluck of a string and you can then go a million ways with it. I felt those possibilities as we composed together and it was really exciting. But they also become fewer as you add more to the song. I Want You Bad is a good example. As I added instruments and riffs and voices, I realised it was shaping into something more intricate than this:

I Want You Bad

but each time I added something, I was having to get more specific with it in order to make it fit. And I love that! I love the honing of something you’ve created into something that ultimately will be more refined if you’ve done it right.


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Everything Changes When The Red Light Goes On

During the first week of January, I spent three days with a friend making music. We started to mess around with stuff that I had done preliminary recordings of and we composed a new track together. That was really exciting. Also, when we played a small segment of the new composition, we got what could be a second track too. Each of the days was a fairly intense 10 – 13 hour stint during which we managed to attack 4 or 5 songs which is amazing and they sound incredible already. I had a vision of these songs being very acoustic but when we started to put down electric guitars, everything came to life. It’s been a very exciting start to the year.

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oh my visage #2

I was chatting to my friend last night, talking about the music I’m currently recording. I probably won’t get back to it until after Christmas but I feel it has something. It’s acoustic and poppy and I think it’s quite accessible. And I need a face…and we both know which one!

And I hit myself in the mouth with a painting this morning. That takes a certain amount of class you have to admit!

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George, the law, the future and everything in between

I fought the system and currently the system is winning. I didn’t fight the law but as the law is part of the system, I guess, in a way, I did.

I’ve been made aware that I haven’t posted in a while. So…

I finally caught up with the George Harrison documentary, Living In The Material World. The title is apt. From what you get from the film, George was a person who enjoyed the material world whilst feeling that he wanted to escape it. I can identify with this somewhat. Perhaps a simultaneously spiritual and materialistic person trying to justify the clash of the two. I got the feeling that music was God in some way to him and I can identify with that too. It was an engrossing watch. I’m not sure I got any closer to knowing who he was but I liked who he appeared to be. The film showed all sides of him and I liked that a lot. Highly recommended.

Things are happening with the music, tiny little steps but nice ones, ones that make you glad to be alive.

Loads of bits to add to the Coo site, new photos, live notice cards, the amazing levitating man, watch this space!

Played at Camden again, great atmosphere again and a special night for me personally. And I’m about to start recording some new songs, some of the ones I’ve been playing live, I’ll be starting in about an hour, after a cup of tea and stopping at 6.30 for Strictly (but only to catch Jason’s dance!) I’ve fought the temptation for too long now I have to get some noise down again.

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Some time back, in the dark recesses of 2009, I started working on a track called “My Machine Is Broken”. I was determined to ‘do a Kraftwerk’. I got about halfway through the song and stopped as D-Songs took over.

Sometime after that, I made two pieces of music which I submitted for a soundtrack. They weren’t used.

In May 2011, I went on holiday to Australia. While I was there I did some programming in my spare time. Once I had returned, I had finished the programming for Weapon, Use Me, Tranquillizer, In The City At Night, We Ran, In The Rain and Weapon Of Love.

I spent the next few months singing on the Oz tracks, programming and singing on No Connection and Arrow, and adding the latter half of My Machine Is Broken.

I took the two unused soundtrack pieces and added them to the album, renaming them “Steel Gives Tully Over To The Darkness” and “Hope It’s Raining When I Get Home”.

A friend kindly contributed some sweet vocals to We Ran.

And sometime in July I finished Weapon Of Love, a delightful confection of electro pop heaven.

Then I had a fab time taking silly photos with Wendy Buckley and used them to make artwork and wallpaper for the album.

And today you can download the album, along with the artwork:


You can also read the blog:


Like us on Facebook:


And take a wander around the website:


On top of all of that, I’m playing a couple of tunes (hopefully more) at Camden Bar in Ashley Cross next Monday (5th September) sometime after 7pm. It would be great to see you there:



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Weapon Of Love #4

There’s something really satisfying about getting to the point where you do the artwork for new music. Icing on the cake and all that malarkey. Just takes so long to get everything finished. But the music will be up very soon. Honest!

In the meantime, here’s some cute kittens:

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Weapon Of Love #3

So the new album is…almost finished. Listened on some different speakers today and heard things that needed tweaking and things that didn’t desperately need tweaking but that I wanted to change for my satisfaction. You could tweak forever but you gotta stop sometime. Here’s the cover, by the way:




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