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Music Mania Set List – Saturday 23rd January 2010

Me And A Road


Nowhere Girls Are Forever

Something About Love

He’s Leaving Home

Your Lighthouse – http://coosticks.bandcamp.com/

Umbrella Head

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Music Mania

We played Music Mania on Saturday night. It was great.

The fairly unanimous opinion was that we ‘rocked’! Thanks Alex and Conrad, thanks Bel Casino for clapping and swaying during one of our songs! Made me think of the High Fidelity film for some weirdly unrelated reason 🙂 . Thankyou SO much to those who came to see us. It was fab to see you all too, even if we only spoke briefly. Sorry to Katie, Nat and Laura who arrived after we’d finished! Next time lovelies!! 😉

And a hilarious moment with Steve, Pete, me and the merry man from Madeira!!

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So, is this one cheating as well?

This post, the third (fourth?) in my 30 day odyssey on here could be a cheat as all I am doing is saying come and see us open Music Mania tomorrow night:


See you there, Coo Kids!

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Happy New Year everyone, we’re going to be busy this year. We will be recording soon, updating our website with a music page (about time) where you can listen to and download our music and playing live and blogging regularly.

If you like our music (and we hope you do) why not tell others about us.


Links below:






Come and join us for our first live date of the year, Music Mania at The Winchester, Bournemouth on the 23rd January.



G @ Coosticks HQ

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