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Some Great Reward

Favourite stuff of 2009! Bit late, everyone else has done it already and I’m getting bored of all the best of the decade lists but wanted to enthuse about all my favourite stuff, the films and music that gave me a zing:

I discovered a wonderful album by Santogold which has a scent of all the stuff I love about the early 80s. An album by Matt Costa called Songs We Sing which, although seemingly simple, is melodically triumphant. I realised Daybreaker is my favourite Beth Orton album (and Paris Train one of my favourite songs by her) and discovered a band called Metric whose song Sick Muse is one of my most played tunes this year. I realised my favourite thing Eddie Vedder has ever been near is his soundtrack to the film Into The Wild which is as beautiful on its own as it is accompanying Sean Penn’s amazing film. I found Hope & Social by accident at Glastonbury and loved their album Architect Of This Church and in particular the songs Sunlight Hold Me and especially, my favourite song of the year Looking For Answers – a heartfelt moment of reflection bathed in a freestyling crowd of a choir that lifts a great acoustic song into the realms of something truly sublime and has the kind of lyrical genius that any songwriter would kill for.

But for me the album of the year belonged to Foot Of The Mountain by A-Ha. It’s an album full of the most bewildering amount of really strong, really well written songs. Each song original and kind of classic pop and classic A-Ha simultaneously, without resting on past glories, and the production – pristene, bright, awe-inspiring!

As for films, J. J. Abrams made Star Trek sing again. I loved Chris Pine’s moment with big hands and especially Karl Urban’s amazing similarity to DeForest Kelly’s Bones McCoy in a fantastic, thrilling and enjoyable action epic! Where The Wild Things Are seemed messy in script but was more than made up for by the absolutely stunning Wild Things themselves. Jim Henson’s Workshop excelling again as only they can. Avatar and District 9 both thrilling in different ways. (500) Days Of Summer was touching, involving, hilarious, quotable, original, magnificently acted and surprisingly hopeful throughout. Possibly the best film of the year, if it wasn’t for the fantastic Moon – https://coostickshq.wordpress.com/2009/07/26/moon/


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Had to drive for an hour to get to the only cinema we could find to see Moon starring Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones. Oh, and its the best film I’ve seen all year, better than blockbusters, animated spectacles, lauded love-story epics. It was epic in its own way, thought-provoking, philosophical, funny, touching, mysterious and beautifully shot and acted. See it wherever, whenever you can!

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Things to see and do and love deeply…

John William Waterhouse exhibition at the Royal Academy, London; BP Portrait competition at the National Portrait, London; new Harry Potter film, goes without saying (unless you hate him); Moon, new film with Sam Rockwell, haven’t seen it yet but its being universally raved about, (not much good if you refuse to believe the hype on principal); Revolution In The Head by Ian MacDonald, the ONLY book about the Beatles that musicians will ever need, absolutely essential for fans or admirers of the Beatles, been re-reading lately and its amazing!

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