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Guilt, E Song, Stickers…

Apart from the massive guilt I’m feeling (was I a Catholic once, somewhere, in a past life) about many things (not least that pencil I stole from my boss’s desk in ’93 and because I lied when I was seventeen), I am positive and hopeful tonight. Mikey sent me some Coosticks stickers that he made for me and one now adorns my black acoustic (who I keep thinking I should christen Gertie for no good reason). It looks strange on there but lovely too – thanks Mikey, owe you one, or more!

I’m attacking the E song again tonight, can’t wait.

Mr Hudson, Hope And Social, Will Young, Blur, Lisa Hannigan, Glenn Tilbrook (one n or two?) – all truly great at Glasto, probably repeating myself here but what the hey…


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