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Superhuman degrees of patience

I lost the plot today – about 3.30pm. My patience, for today, had just about run out. For three weeks I’ve been duelling, coaxing, battling, pleading with, swearing at a computer that despite my bravest (sometimes stupidest) efforts, would not open up. Tonight, for the first time since then (and thanks in almost 100% of the recovery to Brian Gardner) I have a working ‘puder with sound and music software – PHEW! Now I’m just too tired to do any…hahaha! But at least we’re back! Three weeks of holiday, hey everyone needs one, ask Fran Healy, he was singing such a thing to me today (not exclusively you understand).


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Talking to myself

Hello, I’ve just had a thought that since no one is reading this (yet) I am actually talking to myself (not the first time) – which I find rather amusing. Once someone is actually reading this, maybe we should have a celebration together.

I’ve just been watching Willy Wonka and he sings the most fantastic line “a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men”.
I agree!!
Happy holidays

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