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Some time back, in the dark recesses of 2009, I started working on a track called “My Machine Is Broken”. I was determined to ‘do a Kraftwerk’. I got about halfway through the song and stopped as D-Songs took over.

Sometime after that, I made two pieces of music which I submitted for a soundtrack. They weren’t used.

In May 2011, I went on holiday to Australia. While I was there I did some programming in my spare time. Once I had returned, I had finished the programming for Weapon, Use Me, Tranquillizer, In The City At Night, We Ran, In The Rain and Weapon Of Love.

I spent the next few months singing on the Oz tracks, programming and singing on No Connection and Arrow, and adding the latter half of My Machine Is Broken.

I took the two unused soundtrack pieces and added them to the album, renaming them “Steel Gives Tully Over To The Darkness” and “Hope It’s Raining When I Get Home”.

A friend kindly contributed some sweet vocals to We Ran.

And sometime in July I finished Weapon Of Love, a delightful confection of electro pop heaven.

Then I had a fab time taking silly photos with Wendy Buckley and used them to make artwork and wallpaper for the album.

And today you can download the album, along with the artwork:


You can also read the blog:


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And take a wander around the website:


On top of all of that, I’m playing a couple of tunes (hopefully more) at Camden Bar in Ashley Cross next Monday (5th September) sometime after 7pm. It would be great to see you there:




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Weapon Of Love #1

Last night I realised that I could put the new album together, all tracks recorded, and listen to it for the first time as a whole album. It needs proper mixing and a few tweaks but it’s fully formed and close to completion and I’m absolutely ecstatic about it, so pleased with how it has come out.

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The naming of things

I watched Exit Through The Gift Shop again recently and was struck by the name of the film. It takes on a meaning separate from the actual phrase, it becomes a moniker, or the equivalent of a band name. Just like Oasis now means the Gallagher brothers before it means a body of water.

It’s an addictive film to watch, makes you want to misbehave…but not get caught.

A band name is a commodity. You associate all that the band is with their name and expect such whenever you hear them.

An album name however, is an indication of the weather surrounding a certain band, a signpost to where they’re going or where they want to take you, or just a confusing collection of words that you then have to forever associate with the music it encloses.

Based on what I’ve just said, Coosticks is a band name set to confuse and perhaps the name of the new collection of songs is too. The electro pop confection of tunes and other such musical treats we are currently working on has the provisional title of ‘Weapon Of Love’. Although, I strongly suspect that title’s here to stay. Hope you like it!


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The Point

Maybe music is the point of life.

If it is, I’ve been getting to the point. I went to Australia and while I was there, I spent a fair chunk of my time starting the next batch of Coosticks songs. They owe a debt to electro pop, quite strongly this time. I’m pleased at the moment. There are some thematic moments and some strange moments and little chinks of beautiful sunlight in certain hidden corners of the album and it all feels rather lovely to me. Considering the weather was radiant in Australia, there’s quite a lot of mention of rain too but then I wrote the lyrics in England, so maybe that’s why. I don’t know when it will be ready to hear but I’ll keep you posted.

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The right sound

its one thing to write a song but another to try and produce it, layer it, get it sounding full and together. i tend to think of it as a big cake with loads of ingredients – you put too much of one in, you won’t be able to taste another. it gets a little more difficult when you decide to have a vaguely electro pop feel to things as sound-wise the sky really is the limit. the song i’m currently working on is one such beast, i know what i’ve done so far, whilst sounding pretty, isn’t any good for the song so I’m going to have to scrap it and start again. I’ve worked out a little philosophy, though – if a sound goes fwoom or wob, i think i might be on the right track! Not much of a philosophy I know but its the one im sticking with, at least for this weekend!! 🙂


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