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Hello kids,

We’ve updated the Coosticks Website. It’s all spangly and new.

Listen to and even own some original Coosticks music, check out the photo galleries and the Live Notice posters, watch a sprightly collection of live performances, stare in slight disbelief at the vaguely impossible Levitating Man, check out our live dates and come see us play (see Live Notices below, next one’s tonight at The Nelson Tavern in Mudeford from 8pm), grab yourself some free wallpapers for your desktops and lose yourself in the varied images on offer every time you turn your computer on.

We hope you like it.


G @ Coosticks HQ


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New Music – Something About Love

I’m very excited to say that we have some music online that you can listen to and also download if you like, here:


There are two songs from the Nowhere Girls EP (two more to come), Something About Love and Umbrella Head. There is the four song Identity EP and the two song Pop Song EP. You can download these songs individually or, in the case of Identity EP and Pop Song EP as the full EPs for a reduced price. Hope you like them! If you do please please let us know, we’d love to hear from you or even better let your friends know.

Also, you can read the lyrics for all of the songs right now if that’s your thing and I shall be adding little notes about each song over the next few weeks. Starting with Something About Love:

A few years ago a friend asked me to write him a song for his wedding. I said ok. I asked him what sort of lyrical content he wanted and he said, ‘oh, you know, something about love’. My songwriter head clicked into action and I immmediately thought, ‘well, there’s the title for a start’.

I’ve always been very fond of this song. It’s purposefully lyrically sentimental and yet I like some of the imagery – umbrellas, angels, a nod to Macca, footie (which is unusual in my songs), and that highwayman who I’ve always wondered about. And I love the melody and the middle 8, all works for me.

My friend got married last year. I couldn’t make the wedding and this song didn’t get used but I’m kind of glad I got to keep it for myself.

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Hope and Social and writing songs

This is an exerpt from the Hope and Social blog:

Ed and I discuss in some depth later – some songs will work come what may because of an integral strength in their melody and chord structure (you can play Yesterday on an accordion and nose flute and it will still have quality) but some need the wrappings of good instrumental arrangement or a “place” to give them a life. This one changes every time we play it depending on Rich’s sound, the tempo, the strength with which I hit the strings, the vocal meter.

Here’s the link to it:


I find Hope and Social inspiring. I now have their album (until Architect Of This Church I was a download virgin) and it’s good, some of it’s amazing, and yes, it is inspiring. I think what inspires me the most is their seemingly relentless pursuit of doing creative and musical things. And a desperate need to follow the paths that lead to that creativity come what may, be it lack of money, broken relationships, endless hours hunched in a corner with a pair of headphones on or singing to an audience of 15 or less, all of which I have some experience of!! That and the fact that they seem like a decent bunch of chaps.

I was interested in the post above because I’m always fascinated by people’s way of recording or writing songs. We do not make up songs together simply because we have no time to do so. I write the majority by myself, usually arrange too, and I almost always write the lyrics before the music which I believe I am in a minority in doing (to say the least). And Hope and Social…don’t, they jam together…and it fascinates me. The way a song becomes good or not or revered or deeply affectionate to a number of people also fascinates me. With a few of my songs, I knew they were good in seconds. I’ve only felt that a few times – hope they’re not the only good ones!! I didn’t feel that ‘wow this is a classic’ when I wrote Lighthouse but people seem to really really respond to it, all across the board, how come I missed that it was a classic? Is it a classic?

Hi, Hope and Social, by the way, if you’re reading this. See you in October 🙂 .

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