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It’s always the people – September Sing #17

So, this is the first chance I’ve had to bring up to date the antics of my month of gigs. I believe I did a couple of songs at the Nelson on the 23rd and I believe they went very well. Camden the next night, however, was manic. When I went into Somebody To Love, I kind of had to scream to be heard over everyone else. Lots of clapping along and singing and it was a slight struggle to stay ahead of it all. Fun though. The Thomas Tripp was different altogether the next night. I was on last, the night shift again and very few people there to see what I thought was one of the defining performances of the whole month. Not to mention being accompanied by Ben and Ben in the sweetest way. I think Kazoo Ben was very taken as I got a kiss and a hug afterwards but percussion Ben was amazing too – he created quite some magic considering he only had a tambourine. The guy on the sound desk made everything sound sweet for me . Hope it sounded as good going out. Secret Musician’s Club on Wednesday 26th was sweet too. I opened with three songs and did another three later after the noise curfew and they all sounded pretty sweet to me. It was quite special actually as, when I did the acoustic ones, everyone circled their chairs around me, a bit like a campfire singsong. There were some incredible musicians there that night as well. Dancing Jug on Thursday 27th seemed on the verge of a gig too far. I was exhausted by that point but gave it what I had. Unfortunately I didn’t have the power for Roxanne in the key I decided to sing it, or the memory for the Beatles song chords either but it went ok apart from that. Given a break of a couple of days I was feeling a little more with it for the Nelson again for the Sunday and was extremely pleased with my performance, even if all the very accomplished performers had to battle against the Ryder Cup (boo to golf – right there with you Leighton). Monday 1st October at Camden was not quite the rousing finish I had hoped for but it went ok. Lovely to see John, Tim and chat with Team G afterwards. From the Thomas Tripp onwards, I started to do Hello Sensitive again after a long break and it got the reactions it always had, at the Thomas Tripp from the sound guy and especially Camden with one guy who was watching.

Coming up, full September Sing setlists and a survivor’s guide to a month of gigs.


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September Sing #9

So I did something I am disappointed with myself for…I didn’t make it for a gig. I’m not proud, but I had a legitimate excuse which was pure, naked exhaustion. 7.30am mornings built up to convince me it was impossible to do four gigs in a working week. I really hope I don’t miss any more.

O’ Neill’s was fun, and populated by half of Bournemouth it seemed. Si Genaro quote of the week, ‘no friends in the music business, only acquaintances.’

What was really great was when a lady called Helen, who really must be in her 70s at least, got up and sang Summertime and Crazy and other jazz standards acappella. She was definitely the star of the night.

So no Anvil on Wednesday, but I played at The Dancing Jug again tonight and I nailed it, I mean I REALLY nailed it. I don’t know how good I was or wasn’t but it felt good. I was excited to be there, Ant’s one of the nicest guys around the music venues, and pretty much all I tried to do worked. Felt buzzy afterwards. Got three drunk girls and a fab blues guitarist dancing at one point. And enjoyed lots of other music, including Plug-In Dave of whom perhaps a photo soon!

Set Lists:

O’ Neill’s – 11th September 2012

Without Words


Somebody To Love

Dancing Jug – 13th September 2012

Jumping Jack Flash

Just Like Heaven

Without Words

Staying Alive

Somebody To Love
Next gig, The Marine in Milford, really excited to see the place, looks pretty beautiful!

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September Sing #5

So, almost done 5 gigs in 5 days. It’s been a lot of fun already. Sunday was really wonderful at the Nelson, so warmly welcomed back, might take Annie up on a kazoo solo sometime. Monday at Camden, the audience were hushed and respectful and my lot turned up half an hour after I’d played – doh! Great to see them though. Tuesday at O’Neill’s was full of very interesting people, very interesting music (and the girl with the mask!) and I had a great time, joking about being the night shift (or maybe the headliner, depending on which way you look at it) and getting a great reception. Si Genaro said something about all the performers just turning up and playing for free because they love what they do and it is true, and I feel it too, going out against all nerves, misgivings, weather, exhaustedness and doing these gigs just to say I’ve done it. It’s great. And Chaplin’s in Boscombe last night, playing to a very few people and then dodging the drinkers until a frankly fantastic top-hatted, nose-ringed, tattooed and dreadlocked four-piece skiffle band jiggled the place silly!

So Dancing Jug tonight and first beardy pics above. Will let you know how it goes.

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