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What on earth are you doing?

Well, I’m working in a room where I can look out onto a garden so I get all the seasons as soon as they happen as well as up to date island weather. I’m watching, and adoring, Wes Anderson films.

I’m composing loads of music, they are just tumbling from me, more tunes than words which is unusual, it’s normally the other way round. That’s what comes of being happy (I’m not complaining, it just means I have to use more grey matter to get the words out there but refreshingly it means I might write about subjects other than being heartbroken, melancholy or horny!)

One thing that’s bugging me, maybe I should look it up, is when you use brackets (or parentheses if you want to be clever) and put a full stop or exclamation mark at the end of a sentence, which comes last?






What I do know is this looks like a pair of quizzical, perhaps annoyed, eyes:



Where was I? Oh yes, whilst I am composing a lot, I have nothing to release or play you and it’s annoying me, like this:



I had a conversation with someone who suggested I should release things as I finish them regardless of whether they are produced to a standard that is professional enough as it gives a snapshot of where I am at the time, but I couldn’t get along with this idea. When I ‘finish’ a piece of music, it is often not at the point I want it to be and having a fresh pair of ears in the form of someone else playing with it, mixing it differently is, for me at least, kind of essential especially since currently I have neither the actual physical tools or the abilities to get the songs to that point I need them at, hence the fact that D-Songs, Weapon of Love and the other collections of songs I’m on are currently unavailable. Weapon of Love is in the works, I am happy to report, as well as a new collection of songs. I hope it won’t be too long before I can play them to you.

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Some time back, in the dark recesses of 2009, I started working on a track called “My Machine Is Broken”. I was determined to ‘do a Kraftwerk’. I got about halfway through the song and stopped as D-Songs took over.

Sometime after that, I made two pieces of music which I submitted for a soundtrack. They weren’t used.

In May 2011, I went on holiday to Australia. While I was there I did some programming in my spare time. Once I had returned, I had finished the programming for Weapon, Use Me, Tranquillizer, In The City At Night, We Ran, In The Rain and Weapon Of Love.

I spent the next few months singing on the Oz tracks, programming and singing on No Connection and Arrow, and adding the latter half of My Machine Is Broken.

I took the two unused soundtrack pieces and added them to the album, renaming them “Steel Gives Tully Over To The Darkness” and “Hope It’s Raining When I Get Home”.

A friend kindly contributed some sweet vocals to We Ran.

And sometime in July I finished Weapon Of Love, a delightful confection of electro pop heaven.

Then I had a fab time taking silly photos with Wendy Buckley and used them to make artwork and wallpaper for the album.

And today you can download the album, along with the artwork:


You can also read the blog:


Like us on Facebook:


And take a wander around the website:


On top of all of that, I’m playing a couple of tunes (hopefully more) at Camden Bar in Ashley Cross next Monday (5th September) sometime after 7pm. It would be great to see you there:



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Fight Fight Fight / Goodbye Magic Wardrobe

Someone said to me that you have to be a soldier, you have to fight your way through life, through the day. I think that often we are fighting ourselves – inner monkey, eh John! 😉

I feel like I’m winning the battles at the moment and keeping as far away from the war as I can.

I have to thank a couple of people. John lent me a headphone cable which enabled me to record the vocals for We Ran successfully last night as it stretched across the room to the magic wardrobe when connected to my new headphones which have a short cable. And I have to thank Rich and Zoe for donating the wardrobe to me in the first place. I fear I shall soon be saying goodbye to my latest magic wardrobe. Change is scary but it makes you think in a different way, it’s a refresher, like a reset button. Still, I always regret saying goodbye to the magic wardrobes. I shall post a picture of the latest one at some point but not tonight as it is late and I had more important things to do (playing Portal 2 with John).

Anyway, the award for the most rambley post goes to…

Rambley? That’s not a word! And wardrobe makes no sense, it should be robehouse, or robetainer, or robebox.

So, to sum up, I feel like I’m fighting a lot at the moment, fighting stress, tiredness, lack of money, you know, the usuals, and self doubt, although that doesn’t hit me as much as I think it may do to others. Maybe I’m deluding myself by not self doubting. Maybe you have to. Maybe I shouldn’t have had that last mushroom.

And I’m soon to say goodbye to a wardrobe that has served me very well but had a very short service to the Coo, not through any fault of it’s own. Although it will have ‘housed’ the majority of the D-Songs vocals and soon will have also ‘hosted’ all of the Weapon of Love vocals so that’s pretty good service, actually.

If I ever get myself a proper studio, the recording booth will be built inside a wardrobe or you’ll walk through a wardrobe into the recording booth, just like the one in Lupin’s classroom in the Prisoner of Azkaban film (you know, the one with the boggart in it), just as a mark of respect to all the magic wardrobes that have gone before it.

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Stuff, stuff, stuff and stuff

Lots of stuff:


The album is here and free if you want it to be (just tell your friends about us, please) – you get the album artwork also if you download it. If anyone has downloaded the album and didn’t get the artwork, just email us and we’ll get it to you toot sweet: http://coosticks.bandcamp.com/album/d-songs

More D-Songs stuff here: http://coosticks.com/dsongs.html

On Royal Wedding Day, after the big event, after drinking far too many fruity pops, after chat of various kinds and street partying, we had a barbecue at our place. I eventually played a few songs to my slightly merry audience and you can see a couple of them and hear the heckling, sorry audience participation, because the lovely John Clark videoed me doing them: http://www.youtube.com/coostickshq#p/a/u/1/sSaP4jAmFKM


And finally, the Amazing Mr Trimbly drew my attention to this picture, very well drawn and showing that he’s much better connected than I am:

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I’m sure I’ve said this before…

What a lovely thing to wake up to, an email telling me I can download two new tracks by Radiohead…free!

Problem is, and this is the bit where I must surely be repeating myself, where do they belong? Are they King Of Limbs outtakes that didn’t make the cut or are they an EP on their own or the modern equivalent of B-sides or what? You see I still cling to the format of an album. I’m not sure if Radiohead do any more. Maybe The King Of Limbs was only 8 tracks for a reason, to gently kill the idea of a Radiohead album. But I still regard an album as the release of the best that a band has done at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I like Supercollider and The Butcher but I’m uneasy about where they belong or even whether they are supposed to. My friend notes how stubborn I am in sticking to a certain artistic vision regardless of whether it alienates people and I can see this is just me being stubborn about my love for the album as a format. All this ‘download these tracks from this album’ and ‘yeah I decided to get tracks 1 to 4 but I couldn’t be bothered to listen all the way through’. Surely our lives haven’t got so hurried that we can’t stop for an hour of our lives to appreciate an album from start to finish? Jools Holland, for two weeks running on Later… has prompted the audience to applaud vinyl versions of albums (by Robbie Robertson and Raphael Saadiq) – good on him.

Speaking of an album in it’s entirety, you can download, for whatever price you like (even free), D-Songs, our latest collection of songs. Do me a favour though, at least once, listen to it through in its entirety, yeah?


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D-Songs Blog

We are steadily posting lots of info about D-Songs on the D-Songs blog which you can check out now:


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New Song, Website Update

We’ve put another song from the new album up for you to hear, this one is called Songs Of Our Fathers:


And we’re also in the process of updating the Coosticks website. There’s new stuff to see, the D-Songs section is being worked on at the moment but will soon have a new blog dedicated to the making of the album and there will be ‘bits and ‘bobs’ to see as well. So go and have a look:


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