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Superhuman degrees of patience

I lost the plot today – about 3.30pm. My patience, for today, had just about run out. For three weeks I’ve been duelling, coaxing, battling, pleading with, swearing at a computer that despite my bravest (sometimes stupidest) efforts, would not open up. Tonight, for the first time since then (and thanks in almost 100% of the recovery to Brian Gardner) I have a working ‘puder with sound and music software – PHEW! Now I’m just too tired to do any…hahaha! But at least we’re back! Three weeks of holiday, hey everyone needs one, ask Fran Healy, he was singing such a thing to me today (not exclusively you understand).


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The battle-scars of all the good times

I was talking to a friend at a Xavier Rudd gig last week. She suddenly asked, ‘wouldn’t you like to be doing what he’s doing all the time?’, and of course I replied in the affirmative. But then it struck me that since I decided earlier this year to focus on finishing an album, I have been doing it. Since the summer I’ve made music an average of four nights a week and it has made me happy and fulfilled me and the result is a collection of songs which I’m very proud of.

I’m exhausted – I always have to find the energy to even sit near another computer after 7 and a half hours of doing so during the day and I’m broke and I’m not getting particularly unbroke, but it was a lovely thought, that I am living to do what I love. And I made up a CD and listened to all the tracks I’d done so far as an album and I felt that shift, that moment where you know you’ve really achieved something, the point where an album’s worth of songs exist where before there was nothing.

And it felt good.

And now I’m unable to sing because I sound like Barry White with man-flu (mainly because I do actually have man-flu). I wonder if there is a ‘woman-flu’ and if so, how it differs from the man variety.

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