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Month, hour, weather, mood

She smiled at you is bright Spring sunlight at 1015

The end of a way of life is freezing February sunrise mist

You’re meeting her for a drink is any of the 12 nights of Christmas

A few hours into work is the blanket of uncontrollable 3pm winter gruel that they call stormy

The argument is the lightning sparkling across the water at 10pm November

Loneliness is the first bite of autumn before the sunset starts

Musical bliss is the beat of sunlight on an unforgiving July afternoon

Love is the second summer of September, about 230pm

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Trying Times

This year has been fun. More playing out than I’ve done in a while, a finished album and new songs being recorded which has left me with a warm and fuzzy optimism.

I keep thinking of the currently popular cliché ‘it’s not the destination, it’s the journey’. Well, my take on this is in the trying of things. The times you try is the times that something actually happens. I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve sat and thought about doing something and then done absolutely nothing and then sunk into a fug as I realised I should have got off my lazy ass. Whether you’re a success, well, it would be nice but first you have to try and the hurdle is finding the courage to try as opposed to not. This year proved that trying things – facing occasional blind terror at the thought of singing in front of people and still doing it, trying a different approach to recording, meeting people that make you feel like you’re not completely alone in what you’re doing – makes you high, makes you hope, makes it all worthwhile.

I can think of five specific people who were instrumental in making this year a really great one for me in terms of the trying times. A couple who got married and asked me to sing at their wedding. Without that catalyst, I wouldn’t have played live for the rest of the year so I owe them big. A friend that I hadn’t been in touch with for many years who made me think and so much more, and another couple of friends who shared all of the fun, variety and occasional insanity of the Camden Open Mic Nights. To them I am very grateful.

I’ve also met loads of people or watched in wonder as they did their fabulous thing (something I wasn’t really accounting for, I just was going to go and play a bit) – Tim and Lauren, Lucy and Andy, Nick, James, Jams, ‘The Chief’, Zoe, Don, Santiago, Leo, Si Genaro, Nacho Jase, Harry, the Bob Dylan fan, lots more people whose names I will get sometime, I’m sure, like the two girls who sing really gently and sweetly (one of which is a huge Neil Young fan and insisted one week that everyone should be familiar with Wish You Were Here, quite right) as well as that girl!

So, here’s hoping for more trying times to come next year.

Until then, Merry Christmas y’all.

Love from G @ Coosticks HQ


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Christmas Camden Madness

We had a wild time on Monday at Camden. It was packed full of people, there was a heckler who got out-heckled and eventually left us to it, loads of great music, and from a personal point of view a fantastic moment where I only had to half sing Somebody To Love as all the lovely people there were more than willing to sing along throughout and, thanks to John being as marvellous as ever, you can watch it here:

Somebody To Love

as well as my version of The Power Of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood:

The Power Of Love

And a slightly clearer version of I Want You Bad:

I Want You Bad


Thanks to John, Lucy, Andy, Charlotte, James, Nick, Justice and Sarah for coming and supporting. And thanks to everyone at Camden for giving me lots of high points throughout 2011.


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The positive in the negative

First things first, this blog is fantastic:


Next, yesterday was a challenging day. It got bad at about a quarter past five and stayed that way until about half nine. Due to my car giving up in the middle of a busy three lane roundabout, I missed one of the two most important dates of the year in my calendar and had to pay out a lot of money for the privilege.

But it got me thinking. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

I realised last night that it wasn’t the surviving of the trying circumstances that made me strong, it was the staying positive. I’m happy to admit that I wasn’t very positive during the ordeal but afterwards I took stock – there were people who went to lengths for me in the aftermath of last night that were beyond kindness, they were the positive in the negative and it made me glad to be alive.

Plus, it’s Christmas! 🙂


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oh my visage #2

I was chatting to my friend last night, talking about the music I’m currently recording. I probably won’t get back to it until after Christmas but I feel it has something. It’s acoustic and poppy and I think it’s quite accessible. And I need a face…and we both know which one!

And I hit myself in the mouth with a painting this morning. That takes a certain amount of class you have to admit!

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Rage Against The Machine

Wow, I obviously wasn’t the only one ready to voice his disapproval of the X Factor – great day, great Christmas No 1, historic moment, not as good as Fairytale of New York though!!!

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