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Taking It Easy

My last night at Camden for a while, on the 20th of February was, how shall I put it, unique?

It was a quiet night for Camden. There have been nights when it was rammed. This was not one of them. There were a few lunatics with a lot of alcohol inside them. Katy wasn’t one of them. She did have a lot of alcohol but was sweet and loud rather than out of control like the lunatics. She finally got to see me sing although I’m not sure how much of it she would remember. John, Nick, Larlie, Kaan, James were there. Leo did a bit of Eagles especially for me, Take It Easy, and then the lunatics finally took over. Really it was their night because they were so drunk they either talked throughout all the performances or decided to add performances of their own to varying degrees of cringeyness. But all was not lost as Tim, Lucy, Andy and I had a lot of fun together afterwards. Tim spent some of that time having a minor breakdown after trying desperately to steer the good ship Camden through the choppy, drunk waters of this particular open mic night but we then had a very jolly, very lovely time together.

Andy made public his bid for Dragon’s Den immortality with his bottle stand:

Then ‘Team Graeme’ came up with a hand logo that acts quite similarly to the Bat Signal for Batman, except I can’t be relied on to turn up when they do it and, to be honest, if they keep it like this it’s always going to take three people to make the sign which is much harder work than just getting another pint:

And a last couple of Tim, and Andy and Lucy, looking rather dashing!

A singular night then, but always the better for having great people to share it with.


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Love this life, don’t wait till the next one comes

I have a car. I have a job. I have an identity. But when something in your life gets taken away, you have to change your identity. You’re not really changing, but something around you, in you, about your persona shifts.

Industry. I’m just going to look that up:

technically productive enterprises in a particular field

Not very emotional, that definition. But I’m emotional right now. Because when you sit at a desk or a counter all day and tick like a clock or go ‘ooo ooo’ like a monkey, you hope that someone likes the monkey impression or nods their head to the ticking. You hope all that effort leads to something worthwhile. You hope your life isn’t meaningless. Someone does appreciate it, but industry just motors on impassively and says how grateful it is for what you’ve done and then kicks you as you walk out the door. Power-dressed-women and big-smoke-hardened men who honestly care about getting the company back on track (and get paid handsomely for the chance, I’m very sure) and then just shit on whoever they want to and give someone who’s given a decade or two to a company a sentence in an email to say how much they appreciate his service, backing it all up with ‘I’m tough, I make no apologies about that’. Sleep soundly, won’t you?

I was not in a good place tonight for playing at Camden as you can possibly imagine by that previous rant. As it turned out, it was a good night. Did Under Pressure for Tim and Charlotte, had a little chat with Lucy and Andy who were unbelievably sweet and self-titled themselves ‘Team Graeme’ – thanks guys. Swapped compliments with Zoe by hand signals! 🙂

And I realised how much I will miss it there if I don’t get to play for a while. When I go there on a Monday night, everyone working there, everyone joining in, everyone watching just shares something wonderful that resonates round the room. It’s so special. It’s everything that industry can’t be.

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Camden Bar Set List – 21st November 2011


Just Like Heaven


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Singing like a bat out of Cromer

Great night at Camden, a chap called Tom (I think – Don?) did a frankly brilliant version of The Banana Boat Song which everyone went crazy for and then did another song due to everyone shouting for more. Band called Gekko were also brilliant and, as always, it was a lovely night and then I proceeded to stay up till 2am writing a song (or putting music to one at least).

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Camden Set List – 3rd October 2011

I Want You Bad


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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Some days you’re up… #3

So, we have some new gigs, here:


And footage of the previous one, here:




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