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September Sing #5

So, almost done 5 gigs in 5 days. It’s been a lot of fun already. Sunday was really wonderful at the Nelson, so warmly welcomed back, might take Annie up on a kazoo solo sometime. Monday at Camden, the audience were hushed and respectful and my lot turned up half an hour after I’d played – doh! Great to see them though. Tuesday at O’Neill’s was full of very interesting people, very interesting music (and the girl with the mask!) and I had a great time, joking about being the night shift (or maybe the headliner, depending on which way you look at it) and getting a great reception. Si Genaro said something about all the performers just turning up and playing for free because they love what they do and it is true, and I feel it too, going out against all nerves, misgivings, weather, exhaustedness and doing these gigs just to say I’ve done it. It’s great. And Chaplin’s in Boscombe last night, playing to a very few people and then dodging the drinkers until a frankly fantastic top-hatted, nose-ringed, tattooed and dreadlocked four-piece skiffle band jiggled the place silly!

So Dancing Jug tonight and first beardy pics above. Will let you know how it goes.

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John Barry, I Am Kloot, D-Songs

Very sorry to hear of John Barry passing away. One of the greatest composers ever and here’s a link to one of my favourite pieces by him:


It’s a strange thought for me when someone creative dies. But creativity is, I guess, a pursuit that people gravitate to for some degree of longevity after they die, among other things, and when I listen to John Barry’s music, I feel more alive, and it also makes me feel as though he is very much alive too. His music will undoubtedly be adored for many years to come.

Saw I Am Kloot in Bournemouth tonight and they were absolutely mesmerising. Johnny Bramwell really convinces with every note he sings, all the more amazing since he was swigging from a can before he even picked up his guitar. I knew something was going on when I saw them at Glastonbury but Christopher Eccleston saw to it that I couldn’t concentrate on that one (through no fault of his own I might add). I can’t imagine I’ll enjoy a gig more this year.

D-S0ngs is moving nicely, might be on the home straight this weekend. But one song is really fighting me!

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Happy New Year everyone, we’re going to be busy this year. We will be recording soon, updating our website with a music page (about time) where you can listen to and download our music and playing live and blogging regularly.

If you like our music (and we hope you do) why not tell others about us.


Links below:






Come and join us for our first live date of the year, Music Mania at The Winchester, Bournemouth on the 23rd January.



G @ Coosticks HQ

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The Invisible

I think it was last year sometime that I went to a Solid Air night in Bournemouth to check it out with a view to playing there at some point (which we did in January). I saw a couple of bands, a guy with a cardboard mask on making his computer blip and bleep which was highly entertaining if a bit odd when mixed with the Derek Jarmanesque background visuals.

Later was a band called The Invisible. I don’t know (and don’t want to pigeonhole them by saying) who they sounded like, but I adored every minute of their set. Considering there were three of them, they made an almighty sound and were fantastically tight as a band. I said something ham-fisted like ‘I f***ing loved every minute of that’ to the drummer afterwards at the bar.

And now they have been shortlisted for the Mercury Prize. They were very humble and appreciative of us watching them and really are a fantastic band!

If they want it, I really, really hope they win.


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