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Give it to me, I know it’s only the truth…

So, Camden again. A first – no covers, I only played my songs, including a new one. It went well. There were again awesome musicians all over the place – Drew, Dan (I think) and Gehko were a few of them.

People seemed to like the songs so that’s good.
I meant to take photos but forgot to take a camera with me.

Set List, Camden Bar, Monday 26th November 2012

Pieces Of Me

Hello Sensitive


And on Saturday night, I saw Hope & Social play at the Winchester. It’s only the third time I’ve seen them live but it was easily as enjoyable as the others. They are a rare breed of band in that they seem to see fun and banter as an integral part of their live act and it makes for a consistently fantastic evening out. I had the best intentions of getting much more involved in their day trips and art-making and I did get as far as remixing one of their tracks but it was unsatisfactory. I shall go back to it at some point and have another go. But despite only crossing paths briefly, they remain very special to me and I urge you to see them live at least twice. Find me another band who will order their trumpet player to run, mid-song, to the corner shop for chocolate, alcohol and, ahem, adult literature to see if he can make it back before the song ends, whilst getting a member of the audience to play fill-in guitar (sorry, Si Genaro, I dropped you in it there, but you played a blinder!). An inspiring and uplifting gig, as wonderfully vibrant as the Crypt and Glastonbury ones. Simon, the lovely chap with the main vocal and usherette duties, told me that they might be returning this way. If they are I urge you to make an effort to see them.


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September Sing #16

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September Sing #14

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September Sing #3

I think the big struggle for this project is going to be getting all the art done in time.

I have been given a little challenge to go with this September Sing, which is not to shave my beard for the whole duration. Hmmm, not sure I can manage that but maybe I’ll take a photo at each gig and see how I get on.

Also wanted to mention La Luna, the latest Pixar short film. I found it a supreme feat of storytelling. It was funny and moving and had a sense of extreme magic about it. It made me feel like I was very young and discovering the wonder of cinema all over again and any film that can do that has got to be good in my book. With tears in my eyes at the end, I felt it was not only Pixar’s best short but one of their best ever moments.

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“return of a legend”

Played Camden again on Monday for the first time in a while and had a fantastic time. Great company, great reception and great to see familiar faces again, especially Tim and Clyde, Lauren and Matt.

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Live Notices

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Camden Bar Set List – 23rd January 2012

I Want You Bad


Under Pressure

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