About Coosticks

Hi there.

Welcome to the Official Coosticks Blog Pages.

We are a band from the South of England who believe in great songwriting and making great melodic pop music. When time, money and energy permit, we do just that and occasionally we go out on the road to prove it to everyone.

The Coosticks Blog has news about the band and what they’re up to, about upcoming gigs and is also full of random thoughts and feelings about whatever crosses our paths.

You can hear us, like us, write to and download us at the links below. If you like what you hear, please tell us because we would love to hear from you and please tell other people about us too. If you want to tell us anything else, please do that too, we’d still love to hear from you.

We are constantly working on additional stuff for our website or on recordings so please check back regularly to find out what’s going on.


Coosticks Official Website

Coosticks on Facebook

Coosticks Music

Thanks for dropping by.

G @ Coosticks HQ



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