Watch That Man!

ImageDavid Bowie is back! I don’t know if you noticed? I was not in the slightest bit alone in wondering/worrying if he ever would return again to the music world.

His new song is utterly beautiful. I think it also walks a similar path to many of his other works in having an ambiguity and a mystique about it.

I love the cover for the album, it seems there are original ideas out there after all, and I absolutely adore the single cover.

When I watched the video for the first time, I was confused and entranced by the doll/dolls and disappointed not to see Bowie ‘properly’ and almost as soon as I thunk it…there he was! Looking glorious. I remember gasping slightly and was delighted when my friend did exactly the same when she watched the video tonight for the first time. She also did the same as me by going back to the bit where he’s standing by the wall and pausing it to get a good look at him.

What would David Bowie do? He would elegantly do what you hardly expect with panache.


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