September Sing #12

Hello, avid reader, tis I, the crazy gig quest hobbit!
I’m kind of right in the middle of it all right now. The last few gigs have been eventful, fun, busy. Tonight’s gig above.

Saturday was at the Marine in Milford-On-Sea. Really beautiful venue, really great music, really great crowd. Annie, Cardigan Joe, Leighton, Big Daddy G were all fab to be with. Dave and a young guy I remember as Danny were really brilliant on the mic. BDG had a new song about Annie which was really great. A lovely night and Annie and Leighton renamed September Sing as ‘The Quest’.

Sunday at the Nelson was also great. Same guys and gals as the night before. I was racing back at breakneck speed from London to get to the gig in time and was rather frazzled when I arrived. However, it’s one of the best renditions of the song Annie and her Mum now call the George Harrison one that I’ve done. You can really feel when you and the crowd are feeling a song and we all felt it that night.

Monday was similar at Camden. I did I Want You Bad at Tim’s request and Pandora and everyone seemed just a little enthralled, which is such a wonderful feeling. I felt warmly nostalgic there that night and those three gigs were a high point of this whole thing. I think I get a nostalgia from Camden when the weather gets colder because that’s when I first played there so I could feel that ‘just like the first time’ feeling. Actually it’s almost exactly a year ago that i first played there. Also got lots of very nice comments from people who seemed to love the set and got to chat to Mark, who played the most incredible, powerful set, about gigging and the perils and highs and also quickly chatted to some of the other people playing. And got to see one half of Team Graeme again which was wonderful. Hopefully see them both next Monday.

And last night I was at O’Neill’s. Si Genaro quotes for this week, ‘be gentle with Sarge, he’s going through the change’ and a personal favourite of mine: ‘prawnography’. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by Ant, Tom and Leo on the last song and there’s a little bit of video of us together which I’ll put somewhere soon.

Marine, Saturday 15th:

Jumping Jack Flash

Without Words


Staying Alive

Somebody To Love
Nelson Tavern, Sunday 16th:

Staying Alive

Without Words

Camden, Monday 17th:

I Want You Bad


O’Neill’s, Tuesday 18th:

Without Words


Somebody To Love

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